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Our community centres around relationships and not events. We gather around our tables and do life together. We are not a Sunday-centric Church, we gather to worship and feast throughout the week. Doing Church around the table is not a new thing, in fact it is very very old…

“The history of the church is around the table. For hundreds of years, this is where the people of Jesus met. The gospel spread from one table to the next. From one home to another. All over a meal. The table is a very ordinary place. So routine and everyday it is easily overlooked as a place of life changing community. By setting a table and sharing a meal, we provide the context for which people feel loved, where people feel heard; a place where God’s spirit can move. The practice of eating and drinking is central to the Kingdom of God; Jesus ate with the lost, Jesus ate with community, Jesus ate with God”

John Mark Comer

Bridgetown Church, Portland

There are three different size tables that are particularly important to us in the way we gather. 

Dinner Tables

Faith and Family.

Groups of 5-10 people meeting in homes.

Gathering to eat, learn and share our lives.

Cafe Tables

Honesty and Support.

Groups of 2-4 people keeping in touch and meeting monthly (or more).

Gathering to develop spiritual practices and sharpen one another.

Banquet Tables

Worship and Feasting.

Groups of 15-30 people around one community table every Sunday.

Gathering to celebrate, share stories and eat good food.

We share Communion with the wider Church family on the fourth Sunday of every month.


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