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The Well and Whitefriars Church plan to do their part to support our local communities during this time of crisis with coronavirus.

Members of the church will be delivering #ViralKindness style postcards to houses in their respective areas, offering support to those that are self-isolating or without support. The cards explain that support is available to pick up shopping or a food parcel, help with urgent supplies, a friendly phone call or requests for prayer.

Postcard to be delivered to houses in the north part of Rushden.

There will no doubt be many people who are worried about loved ones and how they may be unable to help them due to the risk of infecting them. There are concerns over the possible loss of work and income; not to mention the impact of isolation and loneliness for some.

An encouraging bible verse is printed on the back of each card.

Church volunteers are to be given guidance and training on how to provide appropriate help without risking the health of others and themselves.

The Rushden Foodbank are preparing for an increase in demand and donations of food and supplies will be greatly welcomed. There has been discussion about volunteers helping to deliver food parcels to homes rather than people coming to collect them.

Rushden Churches will also be working with local schools from next week to help support families in particular need in the town.

If you’d like to help support your local community and would like to get involved you can register to help and join our team of volunteers.

If you are isolated and in need please give us a call on 01933 737 001 or fill in the form on our website.